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Kunshan Guanghao Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Li Xugen

Phone: 0512-57952930

Fax: 0512-55151540

Mobile phone: 13915746135


Address: Kunshan City Zhangpu yongran Road No. 215

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Kunshan Guanghao Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2013, a new company, the company's main precision metal stamping parts, precision metal stamping dies, Main products are:

PTC ring; PTC stamping; PTC mold, battery mold; battery cap mold; burr mold; superimposed mold; precision stamping die;

Stator core; a stator mold; stator; motor stator mold.

Including metal shrapnel category, terminal type, motor type, battery type, digital type stamping parts and stamping dies, especially PTC ring burr-die case of a company patent, stator lamination stamping technology strengths is a company, the company has a professional high-quality personnel, precision tooling and stamping equipment, has from the mold design, processing and stamping production, testing, packaging and shipment through-train service; company Bing Chengxin transcript of the first principle, quality and delivery to meet customer requirements, to achieve and customers were profitable purposes.

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