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Structure of ram engine

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Structure of ram engine

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Structure of ramjet engine is simple, light weight, low cost, high thrust weight ratio. But because there is no compressor, can not start in the static condition, so it is not suitable as a power plant of ordinary aircraft, and often with other engines used, as a combination of power plant. Such as the ramjet rocket engine and ramjet combination, and turbojet or turbofan engine combination etc.. Installation of combined power plant of the aircraft, actuate during takeoff rocket engines, turbojet or turbofan engine, to be flying at a speed sufficient to enable the stamping of the normal work of the engine, to use ramjet engine shut down in conjunction with the engine; during the landing phase, when fly the flight speed reduces to stamping engine not working properly and restart with the engine. If the ram engine is used as a vehicle for the aircraft, the aircraft must be carried out by other aircraft to the air and has a certain speed. Ramjet engine or combined ramjet engine for missiles and supersonic or subsonic target drone.

Working principle

Three main parts of the press are the diffuser, the combustion chamber and the nozzle. Although it is made of a very simple three pipe shaped part, it can make a very large thrust, and the thrust increases rapidly with the increase of the flying speed. For example, a cross section of only 1 square meters of ram engine at 11 km altitude, at a speed of 3.5 times the speed of sound (M=3.5), can produce thrust is about 30000 kg (that is, 30 tons). At this time, the power reached 414000 horsepower, which is equivalent to the power of 200 locomotives. If at low altitude, because of the high density of air also increased. How many engines are there? Up to no more than 1 tons. From here you can see that it's a strong ability to work.

Because it has the characteristics of this kind of high thrust, light weight, so it is very suitable for high speed flight. Kunshan Guanghao machinery at present highest speed is about 4 times the speed of sound (equivalent to 4400 km / h), the height of up to 30 km. But this is not the value of its limit, it is estimated that after the flight altitude, the speed should be further improved.

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