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Die hardness is the main factor affecting the wear resistance

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Die hardness is the main factor affecting the wear resistance

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Kunshan mold design and mold parts hardness is the main factor affecting the wear resistance. Under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness of die parts, the smaller the wear, the better the wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance of the material in the type, number, shape, size and distribution of the carbide.

1, strong toughness

The working condition of the mould is very bad, and some of it is often subjected to the large impact load, which can lead to brittle fracture. In order to prevent the mold parts in the work suddenly brittle fracture, the mold to have a high strength and toughness. The toughness of the die depends mainly on the carbon content, the grain size and the microstructure of the material.

2, wear resistance; mould parts

In the mold cavity of the mold, the flow and sliding along the surface of the cavity surface, the surface of the mold cavity and the blank to produce a severe friction, which leads to the failure of the mold due to wear and tear. So the wear resistance of the material is one of the most basic and important performance.

3, fatigue fracture performance

Die accessories in the work process, in the long-term role of cyclic stress, often lead to fatigue fracture. In the form of a small energy impact fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue fracture contact fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture.

The fatigue fracture properties of the die mainly depend on the strength, toughness, hardness, and the content of inclusion in the material.

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