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Machine safety metal shrapnel molds

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Machine safety metal shrapnel molds

Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source: Views:

Metal shrapnel molds in the stamping process, due to the use of the high speed punch, the risk factor is high. If improper operation, the mold will cause serious damage to the operator, and the operator will be hurt, so when the mold need to press the following operation, in order to ensure the safety of the mold and operator.

Precision metal mold design and mold metal shrapnel machine under two kinds of conditions, under normal and abnormal.

A mold, metal shrapnel machine under normal:

1 first hit the punch to "inch", turn off the counter;

2. With the inching switch to take the punch to the bottom dead center (180 degrees), shearing zone; it is strictly prohibited to die in the bottom dead center material cut, easily lead to strip deformation and parts of the die and mould damage.

Screw die 3 loose.

4. The punch to top dead center, but at the same time, the mold to mold car center position, die need two completed at the same time, can not pull the mold to ensure the safety.

5 die car must be pulled away from the press a distance to reduce the height of the mold. To prevent mold truck card in the punch platform, causing the mold slide.

6 locking screws, scissors, material hook, flashlight, etc. in the mold under the mold is not placed in the press operation platform.

Two, metal shrapnel die under abnormal machine:

1 turn off the main power supply and counter;

2 when the flywheel is completely stopped, the plastic or paper core is placed on the front and rear of the mould. Don't pad between the stripper plate and mold fixing plate, also can't take the place of plastic placed in the die block.

3 shake the flywheel with a safety rod (never use a hand to pull the flywheel or stop the flywheel to stop the flywheel running) up and down the upper and lower stop.

Screw die 4 loose, with a safety rod and the flywheel pull to 0 degrees to 70 degrees, to die down.

Three, metal shrapnel molds machine note:

1 pull the mold to be confirmed before the inlet of mould material with plate has loose off.

2 when the mold can pull a person out, one person to push back. (avoid by all means is two people also pushed back, the mould is pushed out punch platform) also available lift screw mold curling die screw seat, his hands at the same time to lift a pulled out.

3. Die pull away from the punch mould vehicle can not be a sharp turn, prevent the guide plate or material pallet snag or punch punch sound insulation cover, caused by slip mould parts damaged or die.

4 abnormal when the mold is not the time to operate, especially in the mold after the high column pad.

5 the die will press the host and other power off, to avoid the waste of resources.

Normal shutdown of mold. The mold inching operation to guide into the material with a circular hole. To prevent pressure sending feeder not clamp materials caused by material back caused by wrapping. ) will be prohibited parked on the bottom of the mold. (easy to cause the spring service life to reduce)

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