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Precision stamping safety design

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Precision stamping safety design

Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source: Views:

Precision metal mold design structure is related to the accuracy and quality of precision stamping parts, but we tend to ignore the safety of the stamping parts, safety is the problem I must consider in the design of stamping die. Here is a summary of the use of some of the mold design safety issues.

1, the first in the structure should be as far as possible to ensure the feeding, feeding, out of the material, the convenience of cleaning waste.

2, for large precision stamping parts processing, if the operator must hand into the mold, to try to reduce the scope of the mold, as far as possible to shorten the time of the body in the mold, and should be clear about the scope of the mold, with the necessary protective measures and devices.

3, for small precision stamping parts processing to it is strictly prohibited to the operator of the fingers, wrist or body other parts extending into the die area of operations;

4, the mold design should be marked with the weight of the mold in general, convenient installation, safety.

20, 5 kg or more of the parts processing should be heavy lifting measures to reduce labor intensity.

6, assembly and disassembly of parts should be convenient and safe, to avoid the possibility of holding hands, cutting hands; mold to facilitate the disintegration of storage.

7, not allowed to waste or workpiece missile phenomenon occurred in the processing precision stamping process, affect the operator's attention, even an operator injured.

8, do not allow in the work, there are too many and too difficult.

9, should be avoided as far as possible the stamping process has a strong noise and vibration.

10, the various parts of the mold should have enough strength and rigidity, to prevent damage and deformation in the process of use, fastening parts must have anti loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to the operator.

11, to avoid the precision stamping burr cut. The operator does not allow the operator to have a large movement in the operation of the operation, to avoid the appearance of the body to lose a stable posture;

In short, even if the mold is a minor problem will affect the safety, only to analyze the specific problems in each operation, to put forward the precision stamping parts of the safety precautions.

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