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Measuring method for metal stamping parts

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Measuring method for metal stamping parts

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Metal stamping hole measurement gages measurement in accordance with the terms of the take the minimum value, so you were measured with calipers do records can generally record minimum (excluding small value, for example, the measurement error caused by error), does not exclude the special circumstances) record for the largest value with the average value of no practical significance, for the differences in the magnitude of the aperture in the direction of measurement should be recorded shaped tolerance of roundness inside, rather than the aperture.

If the other is mapping, and no size can refer to the case, you should consider the section of circumstances, not only the average values, such as the minimum value you measured may be caused by the wear of punch somewhere, this section of the euphotic zone is small, then the minimum value is meaningless. In general the punch due to wear piercing is smaller (the specific analysis of shaped holes) so you can take the time to the maximum value of Surveying and mapping, section quality don't forget, because when the punch is used in manufacturing basic dimensions of the maximum permissible value + aperture deviation within 0.5~0.75, in order to leave the wear, after a period of use of punching small, but as long as the section quality passable, then its value is still in the tolerance range, the maximum value is correct. (as should be excluded from the large value in the direction of thickness deformation such as hole tilt and other factors, especially sheet).

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