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What are the characteristics of precision machining parts?

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What are the characteristics of precision machining parts?

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The processing characteristics of the universal precision metal stamping production and processing parts include:

1 the shape is complex, the size and the shape and position accuracy is high, most of the material thickness T > 3mm ~ 12.5mm, for the medium plate and the thick plate fine blanking, punching section flat, smooth, quality can be comparable with the cutting process.

2 are mass production and the size of the appropriate scale of economic production of mechanical and electrical products, including: medium truck, car, motorcycle and other products of fine blanking parts, are from the original material to a die out of the finished parts, no longer cutting.

3. Fine blanking punching section due to cold work hardening effect, a substantial increase in the surface hardness, strength, frictional resistance and weather resistance improved and used as a sports surface, the friction surface of the gear tooth profile, sleeve, such as fine stamping, its life will increase as a result.

4. Fine punching pieces clear outline, the collapse angle is small, some margin hole and hole spacing (wall thickness) is less than or equal to T and pressure convex, sink holes, blind holes and the hub flange, fine blanking, especially a small modulus involute, cycloid, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid shape and high accuracy gear precision stamping are other processes difficult to manufacture.

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